join the lab

The Roybal Lab is always seeking highly motivated graduate students, postdocs, and technicians to work on engineering the immune cell therapies for cancer of the future. Please email your CV including references and a brief statement of your interest to the email address below.

Potential Projects

  1. Engineering next generation T cell therapies for treatment of Glioblastoma.

  2. Engineering new Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) with novel signaling capabilities.

  3. Engineering cell therapies for autoimmunity: boosting the functional capacity of regulatory T cells and generation of synthetic regulatory T cells.

  4. Systematic modulation of tumor microenvironments with engineered immune cells to find the Achilles' heels of solid tumors.

  5. Engineering synthetic immune cell interactions to develop new cellular communication systems to improve cell therapies. and cc Jenny Le (Roybal Lab Administrator)

lab address

University of California, San Francisco

Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy

513 Parnassus Avenue HSE-301

San Francisco, CA 94143 (Box 0519)

Lab Phone # 415.502.7803